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Frequently Asked Questions

Domain names were made to create IP addresses simple to remember. But instead of being required to memorize every IP address number, we assign domains to those numbers so we can easily recall them. The domain name system, or DNS, takes domains and translates them in their IP addresses to ensure computers could communicate together. After you enter a domain name in your browser, the browser only uses that domain name to find its corresponding IP address and then shows you that the site related to it. If you have a company, FlickMax will be able to help you locate a domain name that is most suitable for the company so it is easy to market your site.

However, Flickmax is not nearly domains. We have got everything you want to find online. By cheap hosting and email hosting to creating your site and attracting new clients, FlickMax offers you covered.

Absolutely! Our domain name lookup tool can help you by providing options and suggestions to any domain name you hunt. If you are still having problems or simply need some guidance, our world class, 24/7 service team can be found to assist you toward the best domain name feasible for your small business or private use.

Normally, there’s a limitation to domain , together with the minimum being 1 character along with the highest being 63 characters. Ideally, you would like your domain to correctly reflect your brand, whether it’s private or business-oriented. We supply some tips for choosing out a wonderful domain — whatever your situation could be.

If everything you’re seeking is taken, do not get search. We’ve got a few ways for coping with a circumstance. You may try our Domain Broker Service, at which we negotiate obtaining the domain name from its present owner. In addition, we offer you a Domain Backorder assistance, where you obtain a backorder charge to provide you an opportunity to acquire the domain name once it enter auction.

A few domains will have limitations on these, which means that you may just buy them if you fulfill specific criteria or have consent (some cases are .gov, .edu. and .mil). However, most extensions are accessible for everybody. Actually, the majority of state code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs) are available for everyone to buy, even in the event that you don’t live in the nation in question.